About Haddock

Haddock is the result of true love for the mountains, nature and people.

The founder of Haddock, Lutta Enevold, is a true friend of the people in and around Kathmandu in Nepal. Travelling with her husband on climbing trips in the area she also got to know the people in the villages. She saw many of the people struggling economically and wanted to help out. Some of the ladies living in the villages were already enthusiastic knitters, and as a knitter herself, the idea of creating something together came up.
Hand-knitted beanies from Nepal
Twenty years ago, the Haddock story started, and the first beanie, Haddock Classic, came into being. Today the range runs from beanies in different shapes to headbands, scarfs and hats. They are all hand-knitted by the people in the small villages around Kathmandu, mostly at home, but employed by an established factory with a safe work environment, social facilities, and steady wages.
Pema and Jangbu Sherpa
The Nepali couple, Pema and Jangbu Sherpa is our connection between Lofoten and Kathmandu. Pema and Jangbu make sure the knitting factory’s working conditions are optimal at all times. The couple also runs a school project for children where the parents do not have the opportunity to send their children to school.
Designed in Lofoten
Haddock is designed in the founder’s hometown Henningsvær in Lofoten where the family also runs a climbing school and the climber cafe; nordnorskklatreskole.no. The beanies have been warming heads to the top of Mount Everest, on sailing trips around the globe and by sledge dog riders competing for Nome. They also looks good visiting the pub...