Haddock Heads

Over the years the Haddock hats have been on many heads around the globe. To the top of Mount Everest in Himalaya, across the Baffin Island and back and forth to the grocery store in our harsh weather of Norway.

Do you want to be a Haddock head too? Or have a Haddock moment you want to share with us? Send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Here is a short list of frequent users of the Haddock Hat:

Amalie Endresen, Tromsø

Andreas Skogvold Olsen, Narvik

Tina Soleng Bertnes, Narvik

Martine Olsen, Volda

Sigve Elstad, Henningsvær

Julie Korneliussen, Henningsvær

Pernille Ski Torp, Henningsvær

Rasmus Enevold, Henningsvær

Stian Aadland, all over the world

Sara Berrefjord, Tromsø

Ina Othilie Vikøren, Oslo

My Enevold, Narvik

Ingrid Raadim Hennig, Lofoten